This page features a few facts about the staff, in case you're interested (John's Venonat avatar by Ymedron, along with the FireChao banner art). If you want to contact any of us, email to John, Will or Callum at respectively. If, when contacting us, you want to flame or generally not be very nice to us, click here. In addition to the below contributors, Harry helped a lot in typing the Pokémon Guide.

We have a facebook group as well, in case you wanted to know.
I started, and have created the majority of the content. Like the others, I come from the UK. I am the oldest of us three though, being sixteen years old. I can also be found on Twitter, TCoD, GPX+, and of course: our forums.
Will is fifteen years old, and helps me make the site occasionally - he is currently working on a flash video that I'm not allowed to tell you anything else about. Except that it'll have Chuck Norris in. And that it will be embedded into this site reasonaly soon - maybe...
Callum is also fifteen years old - he is the youngest of the staff by a proportion so insignificant that it barely ever makes a difference, except that it put him at the bottom of this list. He excels at making images, particularly sprites, so that is his main role on the site.


Now you can feel one step closer to being a stalker for one of us: we don't currently have a stalker, so if it's a role that you're interested in filling, please email your application and we will decide if you're qualified.