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Banned Animé Episodes

This feature covers all of the opisodes of the Pocket Monsters Animé that were delayed, for various reasons, in their transfer to the west (from Japan, where they were all released except "Battle of the Quaking Island" at the end) to help you fill in the gaps in the Pokémon story!

Beauty and The Beach
Episode Number 18
This episode was banned until June 24 2000 because James dons a bikini and inflatable breasts, which he shows off to Misty. When it was eventually released the scenes where James was wearing his bikini were missing.
Beauty and The Beach Screen
Tentacool and Tentacruel Screen
Tentacool And Tentacruel
Episode Number 19
This episode was banned as the attack of the Tentacruel was similar to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre – also, the character Nastina used some kind of weapoin during the fight scenes in the episode.
The Tower Of Terror
Episode Number 23
This was also removed due to 9/11 but, idiotically, only because of the title! The episode was reluctantly aired in 2004 and is still in distibution.
The Tower of Terror Screen
The Ledgend of Dratina
The Legend of Dratini
Episode Number

This ban was justified by the way that main characters were threatened at gunpoint and “warning shots” were fired to scare Ash & Co.

Electric Soldier Porygon
Episode Number 38
The flashing lights in many sections of this episode caused 685 japanese children to be picked up by ambulances after having seizures - the majority of them were not actually epileptic!
Electric Soldier Porygon Screen
A Scare in the Air Screen
A Scare in The Air
Episode Number 84
This episode was initially banned as the name made connections with 9/11, before being renamed "Spirits in the Sky" by 4Kids and released then finally being returned its original name after the hysteria died down.
The Ice Cave
Episode Number 252
Although there has been much speculation about the reason of this episode's banning, the only officially confirmed reason is that Jynx looked too much like a Black stereotype and appeared to often to be dubbed out. Jynx now has a purple face.
The Ice Cave Screen
The Bicker the Better Screen
The Bicker The Better
Episode Number 348
Banned simply because some countries thought the romance between some of the characters was too mature for a childrens' cartoon.
Battle of the Quaking Island! Barboach Vs Whiscash
Episode Number 377
This episode, the only to be banned before Japanese release, was banned because some scenes were similar to the Chuetsu earthquake that occured a few weeks before in Japan.
Battle of the Quaking Island Screen

If you want to see these episodes, this torrent is probably the easiest way to do it. Thanks for reading!