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Welcome to, a Pokémon site with competitive battling strategy guides, exhaustive Pokémon sprite and art resources, some useful tools (Stat Calculator and Moveset Searcher), a handy GPX Plus EggDex, an enthusiastic community facilitated for by a friendly message board and a thrilling werewolf platformer as well! Remember to bookmark with Control&D, and please consider registering on the forums or, if you have your own website, on our topsites list.

2013-10-09 01:31:28 UTC

More Good News for GPX+ Users!

I'll be short, though the updates are significant:

• New GPX+ Exploration guide online!

• ItemDex fixed to normal working order.

• EggDex updated with recent novelties.

2013-07-01 22:15:42 UTC


It's mainly not my work, as I am graced with some very generous help from a particular user, but I have today adapted the donated code to fit the site design which has resulted in a brand new Egg Dex!

Email me to tell me how you find it - I believe it's up to date and I hope it's now easier to use, but I have left the old Egg Dex online at the same url so that you have the option of both.

Keep your eyes peeled for minor improvements to the Item Dex and a completely new page for Explorations, over the next day or so.

2013-06-30 20:41:03 UTC

Gengar's connections to Clefable

The page on Gengar has been corrected to improve my writing, and a contributed theory on Gengar's design was looked into.

I'm ready to get into a more serious rework of some pages, particularly the EggDex.

2012-06-20 19:34:34 UTC

A new ItemDex

As well as small updates to both the EggDex and ItemDex (to keep them up-to-date) I have had the ItemDex refurbished so that it's more useable, by one particularly helpful user who may soon be seen as GPX+ specific admin.

Personally, I've been revising for my A-level exams recently. Hopefully I'm doing well enough - I'll be finished in a few weeks, anyway, so I'll be looking to make some content again. What would you like to see? Email me if you have any ideas, but currently the plan is to make some more GPX+ orientated help pages, as the majority of users come for the EggDex right now so it's seem to make sense to give them more things to see.

As I said, email me if you have ideas. Or just email if you like emailing people, really, I'm not going to complain!

2012-03-18 21:59:14 UTC

It's been a while, yes.

The forums have got considerably shinier-looking in the interval, be cool if you could come over and make an account.

I'm sure the majority of you are interested in the eggdex, though, and I'm still updating that (thanks for the emails, they help me remember what needs fixing). I'm just about to upload Terakion and Kyurem, who have been missing for an inexplicable length of time.

Finally, I'm going to put a link to the Pirate Bay's Torrent for the Pokémon episodes on the banned Pokémon episodes page, because I'm outrageous and I want to make it easier for you to see the episodes if you so wish.

Thanks, everyone.

2011-10-22 14:44:34 UTC

Bolshy great yarblockos to thee and thine.

I haven't been doing all that much for a little while, you may have noticed. I've been working (heh, a little) and, very recently, reading A Clockwork Orange, as you may perhaps have already realised.

I am still around, however, and I'm not intending to go. Primarily I concern myself with the upkeep of the eggdex and itemdex (both of which have just been updated) and I am looking to develop them a little over the next few days. I have also been busy deleting inactive members on our budding topsites list.

At the moment I have just sent my application for Higher Education to UCAS so there is perhaps a calm before the storm while I wait for decisions - I'll be sure to make good use of my time out of school, perhaps to update the forums' appearance.

I'll go do something useful. See you around.

2011-07-06 20:38:23 UTC

Routine Edits

As well as adding some eggs to the 'Dex (sorry if you hadn't noticed yet, but it is still missing some Gen. 5 Legendaries - thanks if you are one of those who pointed this out by email), I have put alot of new items onto the ItemDex - as far as I am aware, I have now addressed all the GPX+-related submission emails received to date. Tell me if I've missed something of yours, or if you've noticed something new which is incorrect or missing.

Otherwise, I've been cleaning up the topsites list's impressive growth (for which I am glad) by deleting members who either aren't displaying my button on the page linked to, or have an Average value (of unique visitors) of zero. I'm sorry if you've been affected.

Keep the emails coming. I'm off to the Forums!

2011-04-30 21:11:22 UTC

The EggDex is COMPLETE!

It's finished. That's all there is to say really. I must admit this is down to the help of an extremely generous and equally anonymous assistant, but either way it looks like there is no longer anything missing. Tell me (by email) if you notice any omissions, or any other errors.

We will continue to update the EggDex and ItemDex as new eggs or items are introduced on GPXPlus. I hope they continue to help you.

2011-02-08 14:41:41 UTC

The eggdex is coming along well

Just to reassure you that We are nearly done with the eggdex, I thought I should make this post - some of the eggs that have been sent have not yet been added, but most have and none still need to be sent.

Therefore, despite the fact that not quite all of the new eggs are yet online, I am glad to be able to tell you that I do not need any more help with eggs. I am really happy with the level of enthusiam that has been shown in helping collect eggs - I really have been swamped with submissions, which is encouraging with regard to the popularity of the pages, and makes things easier for me in the updating.

To summise, thank you all very much for the generous help with updating the eggdex, but no more is necessary. All I need to work out now is a quick way to translate all of the names into english when they are updated on the site (they will need to be re-alphabetised as well - email me if you have any good ideas!).

2010-12-27 21:24:29 UTC

GPXers Rejoice!

As well as our mystery assistant continuing to donate eggs for the main eggdex, Jeroen has contributed and hence I have uploaded...

The Novelties EggDex! Hopefully it'll assist you in your search for rare eggs.

Over and out.

2010-12-02 14:40:02 UTC

The Fifth Generation is nearly here!

The GPX-ers among you will know that the fifth generation of eggs are currently being made - because of this, I, with to the generous help of a certain email correspondent (you know who you are), have started to add these eggs to our GPX+ EggDex.

We will continue to add these eggs as they are released.

2010-10-11 18:34:21 UTC

Pokémon Snap!

I thought I would post to make sure that you noticed my addition of a feature on Pokémon Snap to the navigation bar - I had a lot of fun in writing this feature as it is a personal favorite amongst Pokémon spin-offs. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Tell me on the forums if you have any ideas for something else you'd like to see a feature on.

2010-10-03 14:01:34 UTC

Afternoon All

Recently I have been occupied heavily by my Further Maths, but some changes can nonetheless be seen, and more will become evident very soon.

I have added to the GPXPlus guides, with the help of Skins and Joseph - a few extra items have been included and functional edits made to the ItemDex, and the final missing egg (Uxie) has been added to the EggDex!

On top of that, Mystic has been working on the new forum skin that we have coming up for you all, and I have changed the categories on the topsites list to accomodate the growing number of foreign registrations - if you have a site on the list, please visit your user control panel briefly to select a catagory.

2010-08-23 20:11:43 UTC

All the changes since my return...

Firstly, the first two lessons of the long-awaited Spriting Guide are now online! I hope that you will find this feature useful in conjunction with our other sprite-related pages.

Also, thanks to the generous help of a plethora of resident FireChao-ers, I have extensively corrected the site's GPXPlus content. Thanks to Dominic, Ace, Joseph, Will, Jessie, Vader, Synn Monger, Alicia and Astromegafire for helpfully pointing out mistakes.

Be sure to email me if you notice anything that could do with being fixed.

2010-07-23 20:42:54 UTC

Going on Holiday!

I'm sorry to have to announce that I am leaving for northern Italy this weekend (and then going to France for a week after around two in said location, if you're interested). Because of this, I will not be able to post new content until the 17th of August, when my flight home is scheduled.

I should be able to get internet access in Italy, so will probably pop up on the forums every now and then - regardless, Will will take over moderation until my return.

Adios for the next three weeks.

2010-07-18 18:38:43 UTC

A feature on Gengar

It took me a while to cut short my perfectionist tweaking and put it online, but I have now added a new page to the navigation: a feature on Gengar. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Also, with help from Joseph, a new, more complete, iteration of the ItemDex has been put online.

See you on the forums.

2010-06-26 15:03:36 UTC

Topsites Layout and Item List

Thanks to Mystic, the Topsites List has a much-improved layout - I hope you like the revamped look, and will sign up on the list.

Also, I have uploaded a GPX Plus Item List to help all of you excel on GPX Plus!

I hope you like these changes.

2010-06-19 20:32:36 UTC

Imma Back!

The exams which previously held me from working on content as much as I'd have liked are now over, so I have no excuse for slacking and will endeavour to work at top speed over the two-and-a-half-month holiday which now lies before me. My exams went well, by the way.

We are now affiliated with, a really nice site with a good clean layout and friendly webmaster.

Mystic is about to release a useful stat tool for the pokemon guides; I've been working on validating, streamlining and generally cleaning up the forum layout.

Not much yet, as you can see, because I've only just been set free, but I intend to get a significant proportion of the work that I've let pile up finished over the coming weeks.

Thank you for using!

2010-06-01 19:47:37 UTC

Improvements to the sub-sites

I am not yet finished with my exams - there will be a host of new pages for the main site in a couple of weeks, when these exams are out of the way.

Regardless, there have been a few changes that I, often as not with Mystic's help, have carried out (I will edit this post as they come, as I usually do) :

The oekaki has a new, impeccable navigation bar, and new artists too! I must warn you that, along with many other things on the web, it doesn't look quite as good in Internet Explorer.

The topsites list has a plethora of new member, and a tweaked style.

And, finally, I've been doing a little work on that upcoming alternate forum theme.

That's just about all of the significant changes!

2010-05-08 20:09:55 UTC

It makes me sad too, I can assure you.

Recently you may have noticed a slow in the frequency of my news updates. This is no concern for the health of the site - it is simply an inevitable problem that I am afflicted with by my ever-nearening GCSEs. I intend to race through all of the delayed improvements that I have planned in a few weeks, when my results are set in stone.

You can also look forward to a host of new pages, general code validation (according to w3 standards) and probably even a style rehaul as well!

Obviously hiatus would be stupid as, as I said, it's only going to be a few weeks. I will be around on the forums for this period anyway, if you have anything to tell me - I'm not that industrious in my revision!

Patience will show you huge leaps.

Also, I've been messing around with the stylesheet and am now happy to report that it validates and the default links look much better - I hope you like them as much as I do!

Another thing I've just finished (I'm not so good with the whole revision thing) is a new lightbox plugin - I'll be using this from now on.
Unfortunately this lightbox appears to conflict with my other "blend" script - I will look for a replacement.
Lightbox now fixed - this will enrich future new pages, when the aforementioned exams are over.

2010-04-05 15:08:22 UTC

The Oekaki!

Well the oldest changes since my last update consisted of all the dull necessities such as working with sitemaps and fixing code slightly...

In view of this mediocrity, I stuck a new page in the sidebar, so as to have something new that the browsing user might actually care about!

There have been several design tweaks around the site, including an opacity change on hovering over our affiliates' buttons.

We also have a new affiliate: Ho-oh's Realm.

Finally, thanks to Mystic's invaluable assistance, the oekaki is up and running - within the next few days you should see it's design take shape and the site as a whole subjected to general streamlining to make it worthy of hosting. Layout revamped - there will still be changes made, but it's almost there (however, it looks alot better if you're not using Internet Explorer).

That's all so far.

2010-03-18 20:46:21 UTC

Forums move Forward!

I've been working mainly on improving the functionality and general readability of the forums' code recently: everything is nicer to use, and more members have been joining accordingly - I'd love it if you could join us as well!

The most significant changes have been:

  • An arcade with high score tables for members to compete in.

  • A tagpad to scribble on with other registered users.

  • A points system where points are earnt, donated and/or stored in the bank for interest!

  • Awards for members who fit various criteria.

There are several other small changes too - go look for yourself if you'd like to have a look.

The more observant of you may also notice a subtle change to the headers...

2010-02-28 20:55:56 UTC

Catching up with the little things, and...

I have fixed/ improved alot of small problems that were annoying me on various pages...

The most significant of which is the error checking of the EggDex - I will check again in a bit, but it's much better now: all of the novelties that weren't on before have been added.

I'm currently working with Ymedron to update the FireChao art, so you can look forward to that.

There has, however, been a brand new page: A GPX Plus Achievements list! I hope it will be useful.


2010-02-19 20:51:15 UTC

Layout Tweaking

Recently the layout has been greatly improved: the navigation bar is neater and the right bar has been purged of its chat box to match - you'll have to visit the forums to have a chat from now on! Also, thanks to Mystic who came up with the idea, there are some buttons floating above the top banner that can direct you to the other site areas.

The EggDex has now been endowed with its search box which makes it much easier to use. I am aware that there are still several errors, however - I will endeavour to fix these as soon as possible.

Finally, I modified the forums to make them better for users and slightly more attractive.

'Till next time.

2010-02-14 19:40:12 UTC

Butterfree is FANTASTIC!

Basically, is now affilated with The Cave of Dragonflies - go check it out if you haven't heard of it, as it really is a great site. Butterfree, TCoD's Icelandic Webmistress, has cleaned up the code for the various layout divs that can be found on all pages for me - I will eventually get around to cleaning up the code for the content of this site as well.

There have been a multitude of minor tweaks, but the most significant developements since my last update are as follows:

  • The navigation bar has completely revoloutionized, now using and unordered lists and CSS support to achieve a more compact and attractive effect.
  • The EggDex is more or less done now: a few errors remain and a search bar has yet to be integrated, but it certainly fits its purpose respectably as is.
  • The forums have moved to a new directory (, and are now powered by the superior MyBB php package. Go make an account and see if you like it!

That's about it for now: Adios!

2010-01-17 21:12:48 UTC

A Quick Catch-Up

This post came into being chiefly to reassure all of you that I haven't been too affected by the christmas period laziness hangover:

Doug's Blog has had a brand new wordpress makeover - it has been improved in practically every way.

I made a feature on the Banned Pokemon Episodes, which you may enjoy, and in addition I made a page to help you find out how to spell the names of any 'mon you wish.

Also, I've been working on some fancy CSS links for the navigation bar and A new GPX+ Egg Dex page (do you have any idea how long that takes?) - you should see both of them in the next few weeks.

I really should have posted earlier but, as you can see, I've been very busy.

Ja, ja! I will not buy this tobbaconnists, it is scratched. *disappears*

2010-01-01 14:49:57 UTC

Happy new year!

Welcome to the 202nd decade! Thank you all for your support throughout 2009 - I hope you will contine to visit the site.

Just like to say thanks to Ymedron for the new FireChao art.

I just made a sitemap and a robots text file, but unfortunately neither would interest you unless you happen to be a search engine's crawler robot - are you sure you aren't?

'Til next time.

2009-12-23 20:36:38 UTC

New Pages!

These new pages should go some some way to compensate for my recent dull updates...

First up, I made a "Donate" Page to allow visitors to help pay for's hosting if they were feeling helpful - I'd love it if you could help me, but obviously it's not something that I expect.

More interestingly, I made a "Pokémon Names" page to help you spell all your favourite 'mon. You should see it in the navigation bar within the next 30 minutes.

Finally, I wrote a feature on the episodes of the Pokémon Animé that were tragically banned before arriving in the west.

That's all for now!

2009-12-20 19:53:30 UTC

Meta Tags and other tediousitry...

I've been doing some more work on the site today, mainly with the titular meta tags - I added some page anchors to the guide too, however.

I will be updating more regularly now, as I'm on holiday (assuming I don't get too distracted by the sublime New Super Mario Bros Wii... and Wario Land when it gets delivered - so much 2D platforming magic!)

Also, Will is working on some Pokémon film reveiws for you to read sometime in the next few weeks. the way I do know that "tediousitry" isn't a real word.

I bid thee adieu.

2009-12-13 20:17:12 UTC

Various Updates

Loads of changes today, but most of it was structural behind-the-scenes stuff (such as SSI-ifying the header, footer and side bars), that won't really impress you. These changes will make it easier for me to add new pages in the future however - I'll be able to focus on content rather than continually making new templates for navigation bar changes.

One change that you should like, however, is the addition of an awesome platformer for you all to play: Vox Populi Vox Dei - go see for yourself!

Bye for now!

2009-12-06 21:00:06 UTC

Did the Ironing!

Okay, I came back online to finish the aforementioned ironing: Will's quiz's results page is now much better, and I have applied for affiliation with a few more great sites.

By far the most important thing, however, is the thedoug's new blog post. You have to go read it!

oh, and, to make this news report more balanced, we dropped from #5 to #6 on the Pkmn Nation Topsites...

The Onogori Topsites

Please click on the above button to help us in our topsite-related glory (clicking on t'uthers has less effect).

Finally, we have a new affiliate: Lugia's Island.

Hey look! A butterfly! *vanishes*

2009-12-06 16:12:31 UTC

New Layout!

The new site layout is online! There are still some problems with it that will be ironed out later today - I hope you'll agree that the new layout looks much better, anyway. This layout uses Ymedron's Art for the banner - she really is a great artist (see the footer for her deviantart).

This new layout incorporates Will's almost-finished quiz (no result images yet) and thedoug's awesome blog, along with several other less significant pages such as one for miscelleneous downloads.

Thankyou and goodnight.

2009-12-05 13:45:13 UTC

Quiz scripts fixed!

At long last, Will has re-done the quiz scripts so that they now work properly! Yay! You can look forward to the quiz on the next site template.

Speaking of the new template, the site should be put in to this template and uploaded sometime this weekend - the template is now finished but some pages need a lot of work done on them.

Finally, I have changed the favicon from the head of the old logo to the eye of Ymedron's new FireChao logo - hopefully now you can actually see what it is!

I'll update again when the new site is online.

2009-11-29 19:59:54 UTC

Site Revamp!

I did a fair bit more work today on the new div-based site template that will use a CSS stylesheet (I learnt my first CSS ever today, which is pretty shameful for a webmaster. I'm not completely sure that the Quiz will be in the navigation bar, as the code is breaking and I have no result images, but there will certainly be a link to thedoug's blog (hosted on

Farewell, my friends. We shall meet again.

2009-11-28 16:43:17 UTC

Quiz & Template under construction

I am currently improving various areas of the site and making a new div-based template to move the site to. Meanwhile, Will and callum are working on a new "Quiz" page that will go online with the new template.

Meanwhile, try this excellent flash game

2009-11-26 20:45:48 UTC


Trying out a new poll system - try voting in it please:


...should probably find a home for polls like this.

2009-11-26 19:43:44 UTC

And Yet She Moves!

Scariest header I've ever seen

...I've been online improving the site a bit more today - the font has been changed back to verdana after an almost unanimous vote on the forums. I've also added more image titles in the pixellated font (Sevenet 7), and have added some EV training locations to the Pokemon Guide - I will eventually add a map pointing them out.

Now, I leave you. Adios!

p.s. I forgot to mention the new chatbox smilies - I have as many as I'm ever going to have, but would still welcome any donations (they could replce existing emoticons). Thanks.

2009-11-26 19:42:59 UTC

Site Update!

Most of the pages have some content now, if not all of them, and I added some new emoticons to the CBox - go take a look.

Also, you guys must check out this awesome comic

I'd better get off the computer now.

2009-11-26 19:42:40 UTC

Bored at school...

I am currently in Geography, wasting time with everyone who has yet to finish their coursework as I handed mine in late (it needed finishing).

This image perfectly sums up my feeling about Internet Explorer - You better not be browsing this site in that rubbish program...

So that this post will vaguely resemble news, I should be posting again in about ten hours when I continue with the transfer to the new layout. See you then!

2009-11-26 19:41:55 UTC

Another apology

Due to a load of coursework that I still had to do I didn't get nearly as much time as I was planning on spending - most of the site still isn't done, but I did get a chance to add more to the Sprite Packages page and copy the EV training page from the old site, even if I didn't get enough time to polish them - I will be back online ASAP.

Also, the shoutbox has some new haunter emoticons!

See ya.